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Connecting brands to consumers via comprehensive, omni channel strategies. Our focus is to create the strategy that meets the consumer where they are and generates a memorable experience.


Constructing comprehensive, omni-channel strategies that create a seamless experience for the consumer when interacting with a brand. We believe the consumer’s experience should be the same regardless of where or how they connect with the brand. A single campaign, regardless of the market, must be uniform in experience and effect provided.


Producing strategies that allow brands to champion the urban community in all of its depth and multiculturalism. Developing campaigns or strategies that are designed to reach those that reside and connect with urban life requires recognizing the expansiveness of this consumer is key to inclusion or brand success.


Generating strategies that allow brands to connect with the multidimensional African American group. We believe that cultural connections and beautiful experiences with the multifaceted Black community is missing in marketing from brands. We believe in bringing authenticity in cultural appreciation and acknowledgement of the depth of the Black community from brands is key to a successful campaign.


Serving as consultants for agencies that recognizes the need for a more diverse and inclusive voice at the table when creating marketing campaigns. We believe that an inclusive body affirms a remarkable campaign for the client. We’re not the voice of our people as African Americans, but we are protectors of our culture. Consulting other agencies and marketing departments that have minimal diversity in voice and thought is imperative to building inclusive campaigns.


We provide marketing services to brands that are in the market for an agency to handle their marketing overall. We cover social media, creative marketing, and all other areas of marketing identified as a need by the brand to enhance their visibility in the marketplace and reach their consumer base. 80% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years - we don't want your brand to be in that mix. It's time for consumers to know your brand exists and where they can purchase your service(s) and product(s).


Creating omni channel marketing strategies for small businesses. A business needs a clear plan of what needs to be done to reach their consumers. We believe that a multi channel plan can help a small business generate the steam it needs to grow in sales. The strategies can be basic to detailed, depending on the need of the small business and scope of the project. This does not include implementation of the strategy by the Empowered Strategy team.

About Us

Empowered Strategy is a strategic marketing agency based in St. Louis, MO. We create comprehensive, omni channel marketing strategies that connect the brand with the consumer. We believe in providing a memorable experience for every consumer. The consumer should be the priority of the brand. The connection to the consumer drives loyalty, engagement, and creates the ecosystem for the brand. We believe brands must capture and connect with the culture of their consumer while speaking from the heart of the brand. Our focus is to create that strategy that meets the consumer where they are and generate a memorable experience.

Our niche is in our culture. As an African American owned and operated agency, we are driving to help brands reach our group. In this regard, creating campaigns that are focused on reaching the African American community by embracing what makes us unique and our experiences is our passion. We also build campaigns for brands that are desiring to target the urban community with all of its diversity and complexities. Whether a brand is desiring to reach the African American group, urban community, or another group of consumers, we're creating and implementing the comprehensive strategies to help them do it.

Our Mission

Creating the strategies that connect the brand with the consumer through a memorable experience.

Our Vision

We Provide innovative strategies for companies and non-profits that will help them achieve greater success and increase in revenue.

By Working with companies (small and large) and non-profits, we will:

Contribute to the growth and sustainability of small businesses and their success

Aid in ensuring non-profit organizations become and remain strong, therefore allowing them to be able to help those in need

Assist in further development of the local economy but supporting and working with all businesses

By working with corporations we will be aiding in positioning the country for stronger economic growth by providing lasting strategies to help struggling companies.


The Team

Meet our team of game changers!


CEO & Marketing Strategist

Hi! I’m a self-confessed marketing and branding junkie who reads way too much into the social media efforts of Fortune 100 companies. What can I say? I love this stuff!

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COO & Marketing Strategist

Mario here!  I’m sort of a jack-of-all-trades with a great passion for seeing companies showcase themselves in the best light. One word that describe me: FASHIONABLE! My creativity lives beyond my work, it lives in me.

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Administrative Director

Hola! I’m an oh-so-fabulous Administrative Director at Empowered Strategy!  When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family and my puppy Missy!

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Customer Officer

Hey, beautiful people! I have an extensive background in customer service management and has become a resident expert in the field.

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